Hello, I'm Jeff Hendrix, a portrait and landscape photographer in my free time who loves every chance to go out and capture the beautiful moments, the beauty in people, and the beauty in nature.

    One thing I learned while taking my camera out in nature was that everyplace had something uniquely beautiful about it. Something special on that particular day that might not be there when you returned. Once I learned not to force my own expectations of how I wanted things to look, but instead take each moment with an open mind and letting the scenery and environment speak to me. I began to see how everything has a story ready to share if you look with something deeper than your eyes to read it. 

    I have always been so captivated with portrait photography. There is no other form of art as powerful as that of what the eyes and expressions can produce. People, like landscapes, are so beautifully unique and capturing that beauty is about connecting with people and letting the moments create what should be captured instead of limiting everyone to the same recipe for shooting. 

     If you are looking to create something beautiful for yourself or want to capture those special moments to cherish for a lifetime, I offer packages that are individually catered to what you're looking for, so book in confidence you will be put first and I will work hard to give you the best service and great results.

    Portrait sessions include:

 Free digital downloads of all edited images

Shareable link for family and friends 

Option to order prints, books, and other products


    Services available for mini's/full sessions/events include:

Senior Portraits                                  Weddings

Couples                                               Bridal Shoots

Engagements                                     Prom

Maternity                                           Modeling Portfolio

Family                                                Special Occasions